Home Grow Set-Up


Green Carpet Growing provides professional home grow set-up services for indoor and outdoor cultivation, cultivation in soil as well as with hydroponic systems. Each project is customized to meet your needs, but we also offer home grow packages. Take the first step towards working together and schedule a phone appointment — email: Marc@GreenCarpetGrowing.com or use the contact form.

We can serve you if you have your own equipment and supplies or we can make product recommendations, provide purchasing advisory, and even bring you the home grow supplies you need. We are at your service, ready to “roll out the green carpet” so that your cannabis home grow set-up is successful and actually enjoyable.

You can hire us to set up your home grow set-up from start to finish and choose whether you want to learn the process — or simply let us do the work. After we sign a contract — and before your home grow set-up, you’ll be able to ask questions and receive recommendations regarding lights, tents, pots, greenhouses, soil, nutrients, grow systems, yield analysis, drying, curing, storing, and anything in-between. We will also assess your space, address proper electrical and temperature factors, and make sure everything and everyone is prepared for success. All clients receive complimentary passes to our Grow Your Own Workshop.


Ensure your home grow set up is done properly and contact Green Carpet Growing today!

Email Marc@GreenCarpetGrowing.com or use the contact form.



“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin