GROW YOUR OWN Home Grow Kits

Green Carpet Growing offers best-in-class home grow kits for indoor cannabis cultivation. We put together kits consisting of quality equipment and supplies, and deliver home grow kits in person with a 1 hr. consultation to teach you about kit elements. Our Starter & Grow Master Kits are currently available by appointment only. Contact us to set up a phone appointment to learn more. 

Each of our home grow kits include industry tested grow-tents, premium full-spectrum LED lighting, oscillating fans, soil, organic nutrients, felt pots, PH testing kits, LED grow glasses, and much more. All of the equipment and supplies in GROW YOUR OWN kits are curated by Green Carpeting Growing’s CGM – “Chief Grow Master” – Grace Olivia Hicks. If you are looking to get started with quality equipment and supplies, our grow kits are for you!

Depending on your home grow set-up, you have options. Starter/Intro Kits are for those who want to learn the basics of cannabis cultivation and cycle the vegetative and flowering phases of gardening in one tent, with a 15 week harvest cycle. This means you’ll harvest cannabis flower every 15 weeks.

Grow Master Kits are for those who want to learn self-sustaining cultivation skills – how to clone plants and maintain 2 tents, where 1 serves as a constant home for the vegetative and cloning phases, and the other is for your flowering phase. Grow Master gardeners reap cannabis harvests every 8 weeks, instead of every 15 weeks.

Intro Starter Kit:

1 Industry Quality Grow Tent (2 ft. x 2.5 ft. or 2 ft. x 4 ft.)
1 Premium full-spectrum LED Light sized to maximize core light coverage and span according to your tent
1 Light timer
1 Air ventilation can fan
2 Oscillating clip fans
Bags of soil/cocoa
1 Pair grow glasses
PH Testing Kits
Rope Ratchets
Zip Ties
12 fabric pots (2 gallon + 5 gallon)
1 Hygrometer to monitor temperature and humidity
Organic nutrients for feeding in Veg & Flower phases
Organic preventatives
Organic supplemental
1 bucket with spill-proof lid
2 pitchers for feeding
1 Box of pH’d gloves
2 Spray bottles
1 Pair of trimming scissors
3 Mason jars for storing harvested flower
1 Package of yellow sticky traps

$1700 // Includes delivery & 1 hour product training

Intro Kit with Set-up + Training:

The Intro Kit with training comes with a Green Carpet Growing Home Grow Guide and Nutrient Chart, Home Grow Set-up Assistance, and either 5 or 15 on-site training / coaching sessions, as well as everything included in the Intro Kit.

$3000 // includes 5 training/coaching visits
$5000 // includes 15 training/coaching visits


Grow Master Kit:

*2 Grow Tents (choose 2 x 2.5 or 2 x 4), 2 premium, full-spectrum LED Lights sized to maximize core light coverage according to your tent, 6 fans, everything in the Intro Kit, plus cannabis cloning equipment and supplies!

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Grow Master Kit with Set-up + Training:

The Grow Master Kit with training also comes with a Green Carpet Growing Home Grow Chart, home grow set-up assistance, and either 5 or 15 on-site training / coaching sessions, as well as everything included in the Grow Master Kit.

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Ala Carte & Add-on’s:

Larger Tents: 4ft x 4 ft., 4 ft x 8 ft, 8 ft x 8 ft
Can Fan Filters
Additive nutrients to enhance flavor profile (terpenes)
Light Timers
Ventilation can fans
Oscillating Clip Fans
Cloning Nutrients
Vegetative Phase Nutrients
Flowering Phase Nutrients
Supplemental Nutrients (Cal Mag, etc.)
Clone Domes
Grow glasses
pH Testing Kits
pH UP additive
pH DOWN additive


Rope Ratchets
Zip Ties
Fabric pots
Cal Mag
Spray bottles
Gardening, Harvesting and Trimming Scissors
Mason Jars
Turkey Bags
Sticky Aphid Traps
Neem Oil
Green Cleaner

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