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Mota Hari XX (3 Female Seeds)

INCLUDED: 6 Feminized Photoperiod Marijuana Seeds
PACKAGING: Clear vial + clear plastic baggie.
FLOWERING TIME: 55 – 63 days

We recommend Mota Hari seeds to new growers and beginner growers because it is an easy to grow strain. Our Mota Hari seeds come directly from Brothers Grimm Seeds. The breeder, MrSoul, created the Mota Hari strain with his legendary Cinderella 99 line and GSC. You can expect purple on the inside. Let this weed take you to your happy place. Grow Mota Hari at home today!


Video Chat Testimonial:

“My first grow went horribly wrong. I was watching a bunch of YouTube videos that didn’t give me all the right steps to set up, so with that being said, my first grow was a bust. But I dug and researched online and found Green Carpet Growing. Marc has been a god-send ever since. He quickly began to teach me exactly what I needed and didn’t need for my set-up. Every week I meet with Marc, he is very positive and encouraging.  Hands down when I say he’s the best at explaining things with you and understanding your situation, he’s all that and a bag of chips.”

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