Home Grow Consulting for Grow Room Design and More

Get home grow consulting — at your home — with confidence! Green Carpet Growing is proud to offer home grow consulting to assist you with design, planning, purchasing, set-up, troubleshooting, plant health and gardening systems. From smaller grow tent home grows, to custom grow room designs and build-outs, to greenhouse ventures and planning or refining your gardening systems, our home grow consultants can make your home grow dreams come true!

Whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, in a greenhouse, in a grow room, or in grow tents, Green Carpet Growing will put you on the right track and train you efficiently and effectively. Our friendly home grow consultants Marc, Grace, Rick and Kat are ready to roll out the green carpet for you! 


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Grow Room Design / Build-outs:

We offer grow room design services so that you can grow true “medical” cannabis in a completely sealed, safe and optimized environment. We are able to lead your design, or be your sounding board. Clients will learn about each aspect of our recommendation so they are empowered to make informed decisions about their home grow. We will also help you explore security options, app-controlled video surveillance, and use of automated feeding, watering, CO2 and harvesting systems. 

Home Grow Troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting cannabis growing problems alone can be disastrous. There are often many moving variables in your garden, especially as your home grow gets bigger and more complex. Troubleshooting alone is not fun. Without experience or an experienced person present, troubleshooting pest, disease, and treatment is hazardous at best. Have no fear, Green Carpet Growing will help you troubleshoot your garden’s issues or the gardener’s issues — and offer practical and easy to follow solutions! With home grow consultants on your side, you won’t have struggle alone or fear losing your harvest.


Get home grow consulting for indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation, soil growing, hydroponics, vertical gardening and aquaponics with Green Carpet Growing.



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