Do you know hemp cigarettes are readily available? 

Let me tell you about them. If you’re looking for an alternative to quit traditional cigarettes, try hemp cigarettes called The Real Stuff. They contain less than 0.03% THC and have about 80 mg of CBD per hemp cigarette. Hemp cigarettes contain no added chemicals, no nicotine, and no tobacco. Instead, hemp cigarettes are made with an organic hemp blend. Sometimes called hemp smokables, hemp joints, hemp cigs, hemp sticks, hemp cigarettes have several names, but the main issues for hemp cigarettes will always be about quality and price. 

Green Carpet Growing is proud to offer the best hemp cigarettes, The Real Stuff, manufactured in San Diego, California. The Real Stuff sources the highest quality and tastiest hemp to run through their brand new machines to produce America’s finest hemp cigarettes. Even the filters, paper, and packaging are also made from 100% hemp. I’m excited about this hemp product because it is made in the USA and 100% hemp derived. I’ve personally been to the manufacturer’s state of the art facility and have seen the excellence that goes into their hemp cigarette process. 

Not only that, the price is right for hemp cigarette packs and hemp cigarette cartons

Can you believe some shops sell hemp joints for $5 to $10 each? That’s right. But they won’t be doing that much longer, now that high quality professional hemp cigarettes are produced. However, even among the hemp cigarettes being sold, there are issues of quality and price. A pack of The Real Stuff will cost between $10 and $15 depending on shipping rates, and a carton of The Real Stuff is around $100 – $120 depending on shipping rates. 

How does a hemp cigarette make you feel? It depends on whether or not you have purchased a product that has a commitment to excellence or not. As for The Real Stuff, many customers have shared their positive experience with me about smoking them citing feeling calm, relaxed, good, peaceful, and focused. All of the traditional cigarette smokers who I know have tried The Real Stuff, all are reporting them to be enjoyable and extremely useful to quit tobacco and nicotine cigarettes. It was important to me to have real reviews of The Real Stuff from traditional cigarette smokers, so I’ve done the legwork to confirm they are as quality as I thought they were. They confirmed! 

For me personally, I enjoy a morning joint of my homegrown cannabis each day. The first time I tried The Real Stuff hemp cigarette, I felt good and became so relaxed, I forget about my morning joint. I’ll share more about my experience with The Real Stuff this February 2021 on my cannabis podcast. Hope you tune in! 

Order a hemp cigarette pack or carton today and let me know how it goes for you. BUY HEMP CIGARETTES

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