There are three steps to the “medical cannabis” experience in San Diego.

What’s the story all about if you want to become a medical cannabis patient in San Diego, California? There are three crucial pieces to understand in light of Prop 215.

If you want to take advantage of the compassionate laws that protect medical cannabis patients under Prop 215 (1996) in California, there are three parts to understand. The foundation and keystone of Prop 215 is hinged on your CA Physician’s Recommendation. Additionally, the city of San Diego and state of California offer MMIC programs. MMIC stands for “Medical Marijuana Identification Cards.” Most people stick with just the mandatory CA Physician’s Recommendation to remain legal under Prop 215. Others take advantage of the voluntary MMIC programs.


A 3 Step Guide To Being A Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Patient in San Diego.

Step 1.

Get your CA Physician’s Recommendation. This is the bedrock of your cannabis rights as a medical cannabis patient. Prop 215 (1996) allows individuals with a CA Physician’s Recommendation for medical marijuana / cannabis to have up to 8 ounces of cannabis, and grow up to 6 “mature” plants. A Supreme Court ruling (People vs. Kelly) in 2010 determined medical cannabis patients in CA may grow and have as much as they need according to their needs, and no more. 

Step 2. 

San Diego MMIC / Medical Marijuana Identification Card 

If you have your CA Physician’s Recommendation and you are going to need more than 8 ounces or 6 plants, you may also consider getting an optional “Medical Marijuana Identification Card” from San Diego. This card is issued by the city of San Diego. Quite simply, it further reinforces and documents your legal standing. You may apply on the city website.

However, many people don’t go through with this step because of the CA Supreme Court ruling in the historic 2010 People vs. Kelly. They ruled that medical cannabis patients have the right to have and grow as much as they need, according to their own needs, and no more. This ruling was not only compassionate, it was common sense, and Californians should be grateful!

Step 3. 

California MMIC (Medical Marijuana Identification Card)

This optional and voluntary state issued card and is recommend for those who are traveling throughout the state of California with more than 6 plants or 8 ounces, to further support and document their legal rights. The CDPH 9042 Form must be filled out to apply.