Growing cannabis is a project!

I’ll tell you the truth. Growing cannabis at home…it’s a project. It is. But it’s a fun, interesting, rewarding project. You’ll have to respect the plant, and the plant’s processes along the way. This means paying proper attention and care to your plants, as cannabis can be a picky plant. OK, you don’t have to name your plants while you’re growing them, but it is fine to do so. I don’t, but it’s not unheard of.

If you want to garden high quality cannabis at home, I can assure you, it is a project. For me, gardening cannabis at home is a project I particularly love. I love how much money it saves me, and I love growing frosty, fragrant, safe and healthy cannabis. Growing cannabis at home is one of my favorite projects that I get to engage a few times a week. Sometimes I’m not a perfect gardener, I must confess. But the plants are forgiving and gardening time, although a project, is quite therapeutic. It becomes part of your daily life. The grow life is laden with benefits, but before you get started on a gardening project, I’d like to remind you that quality gardening begets quality flowers. You can guess what lazy or haphazard gardening brings.

If you’re like me, it’s the blissful cannabis gardening lifestyle you desire, so that means being prepared. Preparedness and gardening cannabis at home go hand in hand. In the beginning, you may feel a little impatient, but after a few harvests, impatience wears off. Growing your own at home takes a little bit of patience, and ongoing plant care. What is plant care? I’ll tell you. Lean in close, I’ll tell you.

It is a project.

Plant care does require you to pay close, very close attention to your plants. There’s also lots of plant training techniques you will need to employ if you want to harvest a sizable amount of cannabis. Scouting, watering, feeding, and pest management are also a big part of the project. What if you don’t have a green thumb? If you don’t have a green thumb, that is actually just fine. As a kid, I used to run screaming at the mere mention of “gardening” to avoid being summoned to yard duties or nursery trips.  At the time, I preferred sports and TV, not gardening! Today? Today my thumb is green, and I’m happy to let my learning experience go to work for you. How so? First things first — you’ll greatly benefit from the Green Carpet Growing grow class experience because it was designed by a former beginner with beginners in mind!

Back to why growing cannabis is a project!

Project steps!

First project: You prep. Get all the home-grow supplies and equipment you need. Try our online grow store. Once you have everything you need to garden with your best foot forward, you’re ready to grow successfully with confidence.

Second project: You garden. Garden your cannabis for about 2-4 months, which means plant feeding, plant training, pest management, and more. Try our grow class or get support on-site or remotely as needed, or get the membership support plan.

Third project: You harvest. Take down your ripe cannabis flowers – it’s time to employ good drying and curing practices. These are two distinct tasks. Yes, you may sneak a sample after you dry and before you cure.

Fourth project: You order. Get your home grow recurring purchases like new soil and nutrients for your next crop.

Fifth project: You clean. Eagerly clean up your grow environment, as meticulously as possible, to be prepared for your next grow.


There may be much to learn when it comes to growing cannabis, but you can get started gardening successfully from start with grow tents, LED lights, organic soil & nutrients and with support from Green Carpet Growing.

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