GROW YOUR OWN Outdoors (3 hrs)

Instructor: Grace Olivia Hicks, Head Grower
Registration: $75 Per Person

Grow Classes are limited to 6 people to ensure a quality learning experience! 

Learn the steps to grow quality cannabis *OUTDOORS* in San Diego with Grace Olivia Hicks, Head Grower. Whether you are new or have trouble keeping plants alive, our grow class will help you get prepared and learn best practices to ensure your outdoor cannabis cultivation at home is successful. This grow class addresses different outdoor growing techniques and practices, as well as IPM: Integrated Pest Management, and each student receives a 15 week Grow Guide to take home for ongoing reference and guidance.

During class, you’ll enjoy activities like transplanting, topping, cloning, super cropping, plant feeding, lollipopping, and more.

Our outdoor grow class also reviews seeds vs. clones, harvesting how-to, and common obstacles when growing outdoors. These techniques will help ensure you cultivate cannabis with excellence and avoid frustrating pitfalls that cost gardeners precious time and money!

The best time to grow cannabis outdoors is in the summer. We recommend getting plants ready for outdoor cultivation in San Diego by late May. If you have questions about growing outside in San Diego, please bring them to class. Each class allows plenty of time for your questions.

Get ready to grow cannabis outdoors confidently in San Diego!