GROW YOUR OWN Indoors (2.5 hrs)

Instructor: Grace Olivia Hicks, Chief Grow Master
Workshop Site: 2150 4th Ave, San Diego CA 92103
Registration: $75 Per Person

Learn the steps to grow quality cannabis *INDOORS* with Grace Olivia Hicks, Grow Master & Cannabis Farmer. This workshop focuses on growing cannabis indoors using LED lights, soil, and grow tents. Whether you are new to growing, or have trouble keeping plants alive, our workshop will get you on the right track.

Enjoy hands-on activities like transplanting, topping, super cropping, plant feeding, lollipopping and more. 

With your attendance, you’ll receive a 15 week Grow Guide to use throughout your cultivation, and the opportunity to take notes, ask questions, and experience many experiential how-to’s. The workshop also reviews the common obstacles of growing at home to help you steer clear of pests, nutrient burn, powdery mildew and other problematic cultivation issues. You’ll even discover the power of preventatives, integrated pest management, the organic nutrients we recommend, as well as how, when, and what to PH test. These techniques will help ensure you cultivate cannabis with excellence and avoid frustrating pitfalls that cost gardeners precious time and money.

Workshops are limited to 6 people to ensure a quality learning experience.