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Start your home grow off with a cannabis growing training video for beginners and one of our indoor grow tent kits. Shop year round and get your ongoing growing supplies like cannabis fertilizer, pest control products and more here. Links below go to partner websites, Amazon affiliate links, or to our own online shopping cart. If you have any questions, please text or call 619-828-3338. 

Video Training:

Learn to grow cannabis indoors with grow tents, soil, and LED lights all year round with Marc Eden’s Grow Class For Beginners. 

Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class

Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class online teaches an easy system for growing cannabis indoors. In his one-of-a-kind cannabis cultivation training video, you’ll learn how to grow cannabis (medical marijuana) indoors with soil, LED lighting and more. Previous gardening experience or green thumb not required. Soon as you watch, you’ll be ready to grow cannabis with confidence and bliss. Get your new cannabis cultivation hobby started with Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class Video and a grow kit today!

Grow Class Length: Over 70 minutes


Grow Class Sections:

(1) Class Overview
(2) Grow Tent Tour
(3) Equipment + Supplies
(4) Grow Tent Set-up
(5) Climate Rules / Environmental Conditions
(6) Growing Timeline
(7) Seeds VS. Clones
(8) Planting Seeds
(9) Planting Clones
(10) VEG Phase How-to
(11) FLOWER Phase How-to
(12) HARVESTING How-to



Grow Kit For Beginners:

The Green Carpet Growing grow kit for beginners has been put together to eliminate the need for dozens of purchases. It has everything you need to set up a grow tent in your bedroom, spare room, living room, kitchen, or wherever you decide to grow in your home. Each item included is part of the Green Carpet Growing system as taught in the grow class, grow book, etc. This grow kit is complete, however soil and seeds are not included. 

(4 x 4) BUDGET GROW TENT KIT with Spider Farmer SF 2000 LED Light


4 x 4 Gorilla Grow LTE Tent (1)
Spider Farmer SF 2000 LED Light (1)
LED grow glasses (1)
Analog Light timer (1)
Exhaust Fan (1)
Pole Fan (1)
Hygrometer (1)
pH Testing Kit (1)
Trim Scissors (1)
Harvest Clippers (1)
Trichome Scope (1)
Organic Fish-Based Liquid Fertilizer
Plant Molasses (1 quart)
6 felt pots (1 gallon)
6 felt pots (5 gallon)
6 rolling plant caddies
1 bottle Trifecta Crop Control (4 fl oz.)
1 bottle Organocide (1 liter)
1 bottle Mosquito Bits
12 mason jars
10-pack Boveda 62% Humidity Packs

PLUS: Marc Eden’s Grow Class Video

Soil not included. We recommend Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil or Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil, as well as Roots Organics Original.



***Gorilla Grow Tent & Mars Hydro Grow Light Manufacturer Warranties Included


Cannabis Fertilizer Kits

Select a cannabis fertilizer kit below. Links either go to partner websites or they are Amazon affiliate links. Keep growing and thank you for your ongoing business by clicking our links or using our promo codes.

Tony’s Magic Mix 
(For Soil)


Contact us about testing!

Pest Control Products

Links go to Amazon affiliate links. Keep growing and thank you for your ongoing business by clicking our links!

Order Horticultural Oil Concentrate

Predatory Bugs / Mites

Links go to our predatory bug partner website. Keep growing and thank you for your ongoing business by clicking our links!

Air Purification

Upgrade your grow space with an Airo Home Hobby air purifier/sanitizer that cleans the air to prevent powdery mildew and other airborne plant diseases. Prevent powdery mildew like the professionals do!

Recommended Reading

Most new growers need more than a resource book on growing cannabis to get growing successfully at home from the start. This is why we recommend you watch Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class. If you’re looking for top-rated cannabis growing books, these books below come highly recommended. 

Order The Cannabis Grow Bible
by Greg Green

Order Marijuana Garden Saver
by Ed Rosenthal 

Order “The Cannabis Encyclopedia
by Jorge Cervantes

Order The Easy Cannabis Cookbook
by Cheri Sicard

Order What’s Wrong with My Marijuana Plant?
by Waston Collins, PH.D 

If you are ready to grow cannabis / marijuana at home, start with our grow store featuring home grow equipment and supplies tested and approved by Green Carpet Growing.


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