Growing Supplies For Home Growers

Recommended Cannabis Fertilizers

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Recommended Pest Control Products

Pest control comes in either a ready to spray bottle, or a concentrated version. Concentrated versions do not come with a spray bottle. When you purchase a concentrated pest control product, that means you will have to mix a small amount of it with water in your own spray bottle.

Predatory Bugs / Mites

Links go to our predatory bug partner website. Keep growing and thank you for your ongoing business by clicking our links!

Recommended Air Purification

If you get powdery mildew over and over in your home grow, the best way to stop it is with the Airo Home Hobby air purifier/sanitizer. Prevent powdery mildew like professionals do with state of the art air purification. Clean air is a game changer, so get one and put one to work in your grow space. Hang Airo Home Hobby in your grow tent or grow room. 

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Recommended Reading

Most new growers need more than a resource book on growing cannabis to get growing successfully at home from the start. This is why we recommend you watch Marc Eden’s Beginner Grow Class. If you’re looking for top-rated cannabis growing books, these books below come highly recommended. 

Order The Cannabis Grow Bible
by Greg Green

Order Marijuana Garden Saver
by Ed Rosenthal 

Order “The Cannabis Encyclopedia
by Jorge Cervantes

Order The Easy Cannabis Cookbook
by Cheri Sicard

Order What’s Wrong with My Marijuana Plant?
by Waston Collins, PH.D