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Start your home grow off with a cannabis growing training video for beginners and an indoor grow tent kit. Then get all your ongoing growing supplies like cannabis fertilizer and pest control products here at Green Carpet Growing’s online grow store. We also carry cannabis growing supplies and upgrades for your home grow like trim bags, air purifiers, and more! 

Beginner Grow Class (Video)

Cannabis Fertilizer / Nutrients

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Pest Control Products 

Predatory Bugs / Mites

Trim Accessories

Recommended Reading

Order The Cannabis Grow Bible
by Greg Green

Order Marijuana Garden Saver
by Ed Rosenthal 

Order “The Cannabis Encyclopedia
by Jorge Cervantes

Order The Easy Cannabis Cookbook
by Cheri Sicard

Order What’s Wrong with My Marijuana Plant?
by Waston Collins, PH.D 

If you are ready to grow cannabis / marijuana at home, start with our grow store featuring home grow equipment and supplies tested and approved by Green Carpet Growing.


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