Who needs help with powdery mildew infestations? Home growers, that’s who! 

For some home growers, a powdery mildew infestation is periodic at best. Which is to say, they suffer occasional crop and financial losses. Yet you only have so many potential harvests to pull each year, so losing a couple is still extremely upsetting. With cannabis cultivation, even periodic infestations are devastating to home growers.

There are a few home growers who claim they have never battled powdery mildew indoors. Perhaps they grew once or twice with no issues. Kudos to these lucky new growers, but if you grow cannabis all year round for several years, you will likely run into powdery mildew infestations at some point. Cannabis plants are quite susceptible to this plant disease that swoops invisibly on air currents. 

Getting powdery mildew in your cannabis garden is common and unfortunately extremely frustrating.

Some home growers battle powdery mildew indoors on a consistent basis. Some deal with powdery mildew infestations for years, but most of them eventually quit and give up. If you employ different powdery mildew prevention tactics, but lose harvest – after harvest – after harvest to powdery mildew, then quitting is inevitable.

Until recently, this was understandable.

In 2021 with AiroClean420’s PCO technology, it is not.

AiroClean420 and their smaller model, the Airo Home Hobby are proven effective to eliminate airborne contaminants like powdery mildew and botrytis. Each device cleans the air by destroying airborne contaminants, including powdery mildew. The Airo Home Hobby will handle a 1200 cubic ft. space (12 x 10 x 10) like a grow tent or grow room. 

The energy use is minimal, but more importantly Airo Home Hobby is 100% safe to use around plants, people and pets. The only bi-product is trace elements of water vapor, so there are no harmful emissions whatsoever.

Airo Home Hobby air purifiers utilize a remarkable technology because they sanitize the air on a subatomic level instead of using the old filter-trap method. If you use a HEPA filter or carbon filter, that is practicing air filtration. To be clear, Airo Home Hobby devices are NOT filters to trap airborne contaminants, instead the Airo Home Hobby uses PCO technology to explode them on a subatomic level.

Good bye powdery mildew, hello clean air!

AiroClean420’s Airo Home Hobby air purifiers use the same photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology across other industries like cheese making, food storage, wine storage, in hospitals, and even in space craft.

AiroClean420 devices even are listed as an FDA Class II Medical Device since the “kill” happens within the bio-conversion reactor bed with absolutely no harmful emissions.

Even if you are on a budget, the most cost effective powdery mildew prevention is the Airo Home Hobby. 

If you have already done your homework, you will know there are three types of Air Purification / Air Sanitization systems on the market. They each work by utilizing either Ozone, UV Light, or Photocatalytic PCO technology. Ozone and UV light have limitations and limited effectiveness.

Running the Airo Home Hobby air sanitizer is the best thing you can do to prevent powdery mildew and other airborne plant diseases like botrytis and blight in your home grow. Commercial indoor cannabis farms across North America that use AiroClean420 have come to rely on it for it’s extremely powerful capabilities. Cody Henderson, Facility Manager + Cultivation Systems Designer at Desert Horizon Cultivation Facility has shared, “I have been designing and building cultivation facilities for over 18 years. It is a rare thing when a piece of equipment comes along that is truly indispensable. I have installed AiroClean420 units in every facility that I have built since discovering them 3 years ago. Simply put I will NOT build, remodel, or manage a facility without these units.”

Home growers can get started with AiroClean420’s Airo Home Hobby for just $995. This investment is minimal when you consider the average lifetime of our air purifiers, which is around 8 – 10 years.

Order online today or call (844) 247-3913 to speak with a specialist.