Feminized seeds are the most popular form of cannabis seeds.

Besides feminized seeds, you have regular seeds and autoftlower seed options. Go with feminized seeds if you want to grow big plants. The main downside to autoflowers is they don’t grow too big in VEG. Regular seeds of course waste a lot of time, energy, and resources on male plants and intersex plants. That’s not good.

Feminized seeds are the best as long as you get them from a breeder with a well-known track record for producing 100% female seeds. It is possible to order feminized marijauan seeds and still get hermies. Why’s that? That’s because not all cannabis breeders know what they are doing.¬†With feminized marijuana seeds, you should expect to get 100% female plants from your seeds. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen all the time due to the number of amateurs making seeds today. To avoid this pitfall, you are better off with a seed maker with a solid reputation and decades of experience in the seed industry. Plant seeds from Brothers Grimm Seeds.

For extremely reliable and 100% feminized marijuana seeds in the USA, buy directly from the breeder, Brothers Grimm Seeds.

Brothers Grimm Seeds produces feminized marijuana seeds in Johnston, Colorado. They have a reputation for being of the best cannabis breeders in the USA and the world. Brothers Grimm Seeds is most widely known for Cinderella 99, aka, Cindy 99 or even C99. Other illustrious genetics from the legendary breeding outfit include G13-Genius, Apollo, Princess Haze, Killer Queen, Durban Thai x C99, Durban Nights, Rosetta Stone, Grimm Glue and more.

You can count on Brothers Grimm Seeds for potent, strong, and vigorous genetics.