Customers can purchase Dark Heart Nursery clones at licensed cannabis dispensaries in California. Anyone 18 + up can purchase 6 clones per person, yet if you have a doctor’s recommendation, you can purchase as many clones as you need pursuant to the California Bureau of Cannabis Control and Prop 215. However, not all dispensaries are aware of this matter, so they may limit your purchase to 6 clones or whatever store policy they’ve set in place.

Dark Heart Nursery features a clone library with over 100+ genetics including vintage and new strains. New exclusive clones like Kushman Grape Ape and Starberry cough are hitting the market in California this fall of 2021. Classic strains are readily available like Blue Dream, GG4, Dream Queen and Black Jack. Visit the full Dark Heart Nursery clone menu to see their entire catalog of genetics.

Dark Heart Nursery offers a range of clone types including elite clones, exclusive clones, premium clones and heartlets. Most common are premium clones and heartlets, and the only difference between the two is their size. Clones are grown in rockwool cubes and can be planted into soil or used in hydroponic systems. When you take a clone home and transplant it, be aware that the cubes are able to dry out quickly. You’ll want to pay special attention to the rockwool cubes because of this.


How old are Dark Heart Nursery clones?

When you are buying clones, you may wonder how old they are. With regard to clone age, they are a maximum of 10 days from final rooting check.  As the clones become fully rooted, they are pulled from their rooting bay and moved into the Dark Heart Nursery clone library in preparation for shipping. If they haven’t been sold by day 10, then they are culled. At a dispensary, clones typically are on the shelves for up to 2 – 3 weeks. 


How much do Dark Heart Nursery clones cost?

The price of Dark Heart Nursery clones range from dispensary to dispensary. Prices typically range from $15 to $25 per clone in California. Sometimes there are clone sales, but this is a rare occurrence.


Can I return Dark Heart Nursery clones?

Yes, Dark Heart Nursery has a customer return policy. Customers should provide a photo of the clone, proof of purchase, and description of the issue to the dispensary. The dispensary is responsible for determining if the clone was defective or not. Please note, customer returns are highly unlikely unless the return is made within 3 days. Powdery Mildew takes 3 days to present symptoms, so if you have a clone that gets powdery mildew 4 or 5 days after purchase, it’s on you.