Get clones in San Diego from Dark Heart Nursery exclusively at Hi Kei or  March & Ash

Get ready to grow quality cannabis at home from clones. Currently you can purchase clones in San Diego from Hi Kei and March & Ash. 

Limit 6 clones per person, per day. 21+ 

After you take a Grow Class with Green Carpet Growing, find clones for sale in San Diego like Napali Pink, Blue Dream, Romulan, Magic Melon, Sour Diesel, All Gas OG, Fire OG, Lemon Grass, Blueberry Muffin, Vanilla Frosting and many more varieties. 


Clones vs. Seeds

If you aren’t sure if you want clones or seeds, we recommend trying both. Clones give you a nice two to three week head start, but seeds offer you a vigorous tap root that helps plants seedlings grow vigorously. Whether you grow clones or cannabis seeds in San Diego, enjoy your gardening.