Chapter 8

Get Your Pole Fan

Get 1 or 2 pole fans for the inside of your grow tent. You’ll hang them on the lower half so that the leaves of your cannabis plant are “lightly dancing in the wind.” You do not want a tornado of air in there causing your plants to be in a wild whirlwind. Instead, just keep your leaves moving gently. Think “gentle breeze.” Just a little air flow goes a long way. The air flow is good for regulating temperature inside the grow tent, airflow exchange, and air movement is said to provide resistance to the plant and thus helps strengthen the growing branches.


Run your pole fan for 24/7 in your grow tent.


Recommend Budget Friendly Fans: 6″ clip-on fan by Hurricane, 6″ clip-on fan by Lasco

Recommend Premium Fan: 6″ fan by Secret Jardin

Rotating fans by Secret Jardin are also a great option, but they are not necessary, and not always available.


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