Chapter 7

Get Your Exhaust Fan

A good exhaust fan for a grow tent is necessary because it helps regulate humidity and temperature, and it provides much needed airflow and air exchange. Exhaust fans for grow tents come in many sizes, shapes, and prices, and have different sounds too. Some are louder than others. Some allow you to control the fan speed, but not all of them do. The cheapest exhaust fan option will likely only last a year or two, so if you get more life out of it, good on you! You want one either a 4” or 6” exhaust fan like this budget friendly and reliable vivosun 6″ exhaust fan or vivosun 4″ exhaust fan. I recommend the stronger 6″ model. The 6″ model also has a kit option and includes a carbon filter, some ducting, and even a hygrometer.

For a little more money, you can upgrade to an AC Infinity 6″ exhaust fan.

You’ll affix your exhaust fan towards the top of your tent with part of it sticking out of one of the tent’s ports. You may need to use zip ties to hang them securely. Lastly, pull the port’s cord tightly around the fan sticking out of the port.

Always be safe and keep your fingers and hair away from the the exhaust fan.

Run the fan 24/7. When in FLOWER, if you were to turn the exhaust fans off with the LED lights, then there’s a chance the inside of the tent will get too humid. If you have an exhaust fan that has a speed controller, then you can play around with the speed of the fan. Keep it on low as long as the temperature and humidity goals are met, but usually you’ll keep it on high to help keep temperatures and humidity down.


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