Chapter 6

Get Your Grow Tent

Start growing cannabis indoors with a 2 ft.  x 4 ft. or 4 ft. x 4 ft. grow tent. They can also be referred to as a 2 x 4 or 4 x 4.

The best high quality grow tent to start with is Gorilla Grow Tent. They offer “lite” versions that are less expensive too. The lite versions have thinner fabric, but they save you a bit of money. As I said, start with a Gorilla Grow Tent 2 x 4 (or 2 x 4 Gorilla lite) or Gorilla Grow Tent 4 x 4 (or 4 x 4 Gorilla lite.) Or consider the Gorilla Grow Tent 3 x 3 or Gorilla Grow Tent 5 x 5, but lite versions are not available in these sizes. All grow tents are about 6 feet 11 inches tall. However, you may purchase an additional extension kit, they reach almost 9 ft. tall. If you have tall ceilings, you may want to consider getting an extension kit to allow you to grow taller plants. If you ever want to expand in the future, you can upgrade to a 5 x 5, 8 x 8 or 10 x 10 grow tent. I have gone through many grow tents, and Gorilla Grow Tent won’t let you down. It’s worth it.

If you are strapped for cash and your budget isn’t quite all there yet, you can consider getting a cheap grow tent. But be very gentle and careful with the zippers. Cheap tents have cheap zippers, so if you can, go with Gorilla Grow Tents.


Grow tents allows you to easily hang a grow light in them, and they provide a small space in your home that can be completely dark (pitch-black, no light) during FLOWER phase.


Once you get your grow tent, set it up! Once you pull the tent out, find the bottom of the tent and build the frame using the metal poles, following the instructions that came in the box. From there, you build the frame up to the top, and then pull the rest of the tent up and zip it up. As an experienced tent setter-upper, it takes me 10 – 15 minutes to get it done. It may take you 15 – 45 minutes, but overall, setting up your grow tent is not too hard. You may struggle with it a little, and that’s okay. If all else fails, watch my video on how to set up a Gorilla grow tent on Youtube.

You can put a grow tent practically anywhere, as long as you can manage the temperature and humidity. It is not ideal to put one in a room without windows, or in the hot attic or garage. You’ll want to put your grow tent in a room where you can easily manage the humidity and temperature. They have openings called ports, which is where your exhaust fan will go. At the bottom of the tent are mesh screens that act as vents, and can be closed or opened via a flap and velcro. Keep the vents open for airflow, but during FLOWER, be sure no light leak occurs through your vents. You can always stand inside your grow tent and have someone zip you in, wait a few minutes so your eyes adjust, and assess for light leaks.

Grow Tent Tips

You can start with two tents if you want to harvest more often. With one tent, you can harvest 3 times a year if you grow all year round. With two tents, you can harvest 6 times because one tent will be for the VEG phase and your other tent for the FLOWER phase. The moment you harvest your ripened flowers, you can pull the plants from your VEG tent to go into your FLOWER tent and then start new seedlings in your VEG tent.

Keep your grow tent clean. To prevent pests and diseases, always thoroughly clean your grow tent in between grows. A bleach and water solution is the most effective way to sanitize your tent. Wipe down walls, bars, the surface of your fans, etc. Use your common sense when mixing your bleach and water solution and when applying it: like keep your windows open, don’t get bleach on your skin, and you should consider wearing safety gloves and glasses. Be sure the fans and grow lights are off when you’re cleaning your grow tent. You will want to also inspect and clean the vents around the base of your grow tent because they collect dirt and dust on the mesh and around the velcro on the outside of the tent.

Airflow is very important in your grow tent. To achieve proper airflow within it, you’ll use two fans, one exhaust fan and a clip-on or monkey fan. And keep your vents at the bottom open, being careful not to let light leak in during the dark phase in the FLOWER phase.



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