Chapter 4

Choose Seeds or Clones

You can grow cannabis with clones or with seeds.

Cannabis seeds are usually easier to find and are a relatively safer choice as seeds don’t get spider mites or powdery mildew. Seeds also come in attractive packaging. Seeds can be mailed. Seeds can be stored for a very long time.

But clones give growers a head start and you’ll harvest much sooner with them. Plus they are available at many cannabis shops, or your friends can gift them to you, so why not?

However you choose, it’s the gardener’s choice.


Seeds vs. Clones


Tips To Pick Clones:

As I said, you can get clones at your local cannabis shop or from someone you know. Whether you get clones from a store or friend, be sure to inspect each clone closely for signs of pests or plant disease. With clones, you’ll often see the tips of their leaves cut off. This is a common nursery practice, so don’t be alarmed. Look at the top of the leaves, but most importantly, look under the leaves for bugs and eggs. If they are sickly and infected, don’t take them home with you.

To further inspect your clone, look at the leaves and the roots. A clones leaves should be light to dark green, not yellow, yellowing, or browning. There shouldn’t be any severely twisted leaves, strange discolorations including color-fading, or wilting of all the leaves. A couple leaves may wilt, but if they all wilt, that’s not a sign of good health. You want to make sure there are no signs of white powdery mildew on the leaves of the clone as well. Seeing white on the leaves is bad, but seeing white roots is good. As you look at the roots, make sure you see plenty of white roots. Some light browning on roots is acceptable. But if all the roots are brown, don’t take them.


Basic Cannabis Seed Terms and Information:

If you get seeds, get “feminized” seeds not “regular” seeds. Regular seeds include males and females. Feminized seeds will 99% of the time produce female plants. You want female plants because females produce the flowers/buds, not males.

If you plant regular seeds, it takes around 2 months/60 days for the plants to reveal their gender. It can take up to 2.5 or even 3 months. The sex of the plant is important because you don’t want male plants in your garden. If you’re a new grower and thinking of buying regular seeds, I’d encourage you to get feminized seeds. However, if the strain you want is only available as regular seeds, then go ahead and grow them. Just remember to throw the males out and keep the females.

The last type of seed to be aware of called “auto-flower” seeds. I much prefer feminized seeds, because you are in charge of when the plant flips to the FLOWER phase. This way, you can ensure you will fill up the space in your grow tent as best as you can. Auto-flowering plants are unique because you don’t change the light cycle with them. Just keep them at an 18/6 light cycle and they automatically flower on their own. Most auto-flowering plants will grow to be about 2 ft – 3 ft tall before they start to flower. Auto-flowers have been gaining popularity, but I don’t see them ever being more popular than feminized seeds.

There are many seed sellers online. Beware seed scams and scamsters which are prevalent on Facebook. Never purchase seeds from Facebook profiles – no exceptions! I recommend finding seeds at the dispensary from Humboldt Seed Company or Brother’s Grimm Seeds online. Support US companies and don’t buy seeds from overseas. If you see a website selling seeds and it seems “fishy” then do not shop there. You can always contact Green Carpet Growing for current seed recommendations.


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