Chapter 4

Choose Seeds or Clones

You will start your indoor garden with clones or seeds. Seeds are easier to come by and are a relatively safer choice. But clones give you a head start, and they are available at many cannabis shops, so why not?! However you choose, it’s all good. I recommend you choose cannabis strains to grow based on what effects you’re looking for. If you aren’t sure, start with reading the descriptions of the variety, and look for information pertaining to the THC, CBD, CBG %’s and terpene %’s. If you’re unaware of what high and low %’s of THC, CBD, and CBG are known for, or about terpenes, stay tuned for a different piece on these important components of cannabis. It’s important to know what you’re growing! It’s not just about THC % and THC isn’t the only player influencing potency. “The nose knows” is a common saying in cannabis culture, because many regular consumers can smell flowers and immediately know if it’s right or good for them. Personally, if I smell anything gassy, it usually is not something that does what I like during the day. During the night however, gassy smelling cannabis hits me just right.

Back to seeds vs. clones.

There are pro’s and con’s of both seeds and clones. Generally speaking, seeds grow stronger with more vigor and are less risky than clones. Plus seeds are easier to acquire. There are many seed sellers online, but there’s also a tremendous amount of of fraud and scams. Avoid seed scams by vetting sellers properly. Do not purchase seeds from sketchy Facebook profiles. I can personally recommend Humboldt Seed Company and Purple City Genetics out of California, and Brother’s Grimm Seeds and NERDS Genetics out out Colorado. There are many more remarkable cannabis breeders out there, but I would avoid websites that look like cookie cutter copies of one another. Some seed sellers have purchase paths that may be peculiar, so I can’t stress enough to be aware of fraud and scams. You can always contact Green Carpet Growing for recommended seeds, too.

Believe it or not, clones are starting to become available with shipping. These clones get shipped in unique clone shipping containers.


Picking Out Your Clone:
Whether you get clones from a cannabis dispensary or a friend, be sure to inspect them closely for signs of bad pests or plant disease. Look under the leaves for bugs and eggs, and if you see some, say something. Don’t take them home, it’s not worth the risk and extra work. To inspect your clone, look at the colors of the leaves. The clones should be green, not yellowing, or browning, and the clones shouldn’t be wilting. The signs of healthy clones are thick white fibrous roots coming out of the clone’s cube and leaves that are pointing up or “praying” up to the light. If the tips of the leaves appear snipped off, that’s OK. This is a common nursery practice when raising clones.


Seed Terms and Information:
If you get seeds, get “feminized” seeds not “regular” seeds, so that you can be 99% sure you’re going to end up with female plants. As a rule, you don’t want male plants or hermaphrodites in your home grow. Cannabis plants may be female and produce flowers/buds, or they could be male and produce seeds, or they might even be hermaphrodite. 

If you plant regular seeds, it takes around 2 months for the plant to reveal it’s sex. You have to determine the sex of the plant because you don’t want males in your garden at all, unless you are breeding. Most people who buy regular seeds plan to breed cannabis at home. So if you’re a new grower and thinking of buying regular seeds, I’d encourage you to get feminized seeds. However, if your favorite strain is only available as regular seeds, then yes, go ahead and grow them and select your females after month 2 or so when they reveal their sex. 

The last type of seed to be aware of called “autoflower” seeds. I much prefer feminized seeds, because you are in charge of when the plant flips to the FLOWER phase. This way, you can ensure you will fill up the canopy-space in your grow tent as best as you can. Auto-flowering plants are unique because you don’t change the light cycle with them, and just keep them at an 18/6 light cycle the whole time. Most auto-flowering plants will grow to be about 2 ft – 3 ft tall before they start to flower. Auto-flowers have really been gaining popularity over the years, but I don’t see them coming to close to competing with feminized seeds.

With your clones and feminized seeds (or regular or auto-flower seeds), you’ll use an 18/6 light cycle (or 24/7) to get them sprouted and growing.


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