Chapter 22

HARVEST Phase Instructions

Harvest phase consists of drying and curing your cannabis. After you dry your flowers, then you’ll trim them, and finally you’re cure them. Use clothes hangers or get creative to hang the whole plant upside when it’s time to dry.

When you are ready to harvest, you need to cut the plant with your plant loppers. Cut the plant down and shake it vigorously. Pluck away several of the large fan leaves that aren’t connected to the the flowers or buds directly. Other than that, that is all you need to do.

However, many growers these days are practicing bud washing, and that is a completely acceptable thing to do. For outdoor growers, bud washing is especially attractive as there tends to be a lot of dirt, pest droppings, pests, etc. outside. Indoor flowers can get dirty too, depending on your cleanliness. To learn how to wash your buds, watch this video.


In an ideal environment, drying takes 10 – 15 days. If the humidity is over 70%, drying can take a month or more. The ideal environment to dry your cannabis in is a dark or dimly lit room with airflow. That could be your empty grow tent with the light off and the fans on. Or it could be anywhere in the house where you hang your plants. The most important thing is to keep the humidity around 50 – 60% and the temperature between 60 and 75 Fahrenheit ideally. Temperatures above 80 F may degrade your terpenes, and thus the fragrance and effects get diminished.

A fan in the area of your drying plants is good to keep airflow moving about. However, don’t point fans directly at drying cannabis.

You don’t want to dry too fast. You’ll end up with dry, brittle, and harsh tasting weed. The way you wind up drying to fast is by drying in hot temperatures like 80 F and above.

You don’t want to dry with 70% humidity or above because it takes forever to actually dry.

Wet weed and moist weed are not dry. If you smoke your home grown and it’s harsh, it’s most likely you haven’t full dried it enough.



People who are good with fine motor skills are especially good at trimming weed.

To trim your buds, you want to cut away the leaves surrounding them. Some of them will be considered sugar leaves because they have trichomes on them and you can use them to make canna-butter or canna-oil for edibles. Some of the leaves won’t have any trichomes, so separate what you cut when you trim your flowers. I tend to hold the buds by a stem and slowly rotate them as I slowly cut away the leaves. You almost have to rest the trim scissors on the buds as you cut away the layer of leaves laying over the flower/bud.


As for curing your cannabis, it is a highly recommended process. Just trim your weed and put the flowers in mason jars and open (“burp”) the jar every day for a few weeks. Curing for 2 – 3 weeks is usually the sweet spot, but some very patient home growers sometimes cure for three months. However, they don’t open the jar every day after the first month of curing. It’s only opened weekly or so. Ultimately, you should smoke your home grown flower before it’s a year or so old. Keeping and aging cannabis like wine for years and years isn’t sensible.



All your hard work, paid off. Savor the fruit of your labor and tell someone else how easy it was to do.

Always be growing, always be sharing, always be learning, and always be kind!



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