Chapter 2


Three Phases of Growing + Growing Timeline

Before I explain all of the growing supplies, I wanted to make sure you first knew about the three phases of growing cannabis. This way, you’ll understand your timeline for your new DIY project, but also because it’s crucial to know the three phases of growing cannabis from the beginning.


The three phases of growing cannabis are:

1. VEG (short for “vegetative”) 



In VEG your plant grows roots, a thick stalk, branches and leaves. There are no flowers or buds to be seen in VEG. You’ll be in VEG for 1 – 2 months, or longer if you’re growing very big plants. Some growers choose to grow just 1 plant per tent. As you might guess, you can fill out the space faster with 4 or 6 plants. But, it is a beautiful thing to see one plant fill up one tent. Plus those branches will get thicker and stronger, and equate to bigger, denser flowers later on. It takes some sculpting and work, but it’s a worthwhile experiment, even for brand new growers who have patience. 

In VEG, you use VEG fertilizer / nutrients to help aid the plant’s growth: numerous strong stems, nice big leaves, etc.



In FLOWER, you use FLOWER fertilizer and nutrients to help aid the production of flowers. In FLOWER it’s all about the plants flowers, less so on the growth of the overall plant. However, your plant may grow a little or lot taller or wider in the first weeks of FLOWER. After a few weeks of the flowers developing, the plant will stop growing tall and focus all the energy it has on flower production. How much taller or wider a plant may grow in flower depends on the specific variety, as some are more prone to “stretch” in FLOWER than others.

You’ll be in FLOWER anyone from 45 days to 90 or even 100 days, again depending on the specific variety you are growing.



During HARVEST, you’re actually going to hang dry your cannabis flowers, whole plant upside down in the dark with some air flow. Then you’re going cure your cannabis flowers, which is as simple as putting your dried cannabis flowers in a mason jar or other fancy sealed cannabis container. More on the specific steps to harvest, later. It depends, but you’ll dry for about 1-2 weeks, and if you cure for another 2 weeks, you’re in top top shape if you ask me! However, let me be the first to tell you, if the cannabis has been dried, you can smoke it if you want. Nevertheless, if you can be patient another two weeks, you’ll get a smoother, tastier experience.


What’s the average growing timeline? 

It may take you 3.5 to  4, or even 5 months to go from start to finish. There are many moving variables, including things like “stunted growth,” as well as genetics, and how big of a plant you’re growing. How big of a plant you grow makes a really big difference on the time!

Generally speaking your VEG phase will be 1 – 2 months if you plant a clone, 2 – 3 months if you plant a seed.

And in FLOWER, it’s a month and a half to three months typically.

And in HARVEST phase, it takes you about 2 weeks to 2 months to dry and cure.


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