Chapter 11

Get Your Pots + Risers

You have a choice to make regarding the type of pot you’ll buy and grow with in your grow tent. There are options. Hard plastic pots, soft plastic bags, or most home growers favorite – felt pots, AKA, fabric pots. Felt pots don’t need holes at the bottom of the pot, as water will drain and seep through it. Felt pots have handy helpful handles, and some of them even have velcro down the side. With the velcro, you can just peel it back and see your soil and or roots easily.

Felt pots with velcro don’t stay in stock very long, so don’t be surprised if you can’t get them when you want them. When they are available, I recommend purchasing as many as possible in advance. You’ll be able to use them many times over. You can wash them in between uses, but I don’t always do that. I wash them if there’s salt buildup on the outside of them, or if there was incidents of plant pests and disease.


Size Of Pots

Gardeners choice. You can use 5 gallon pots, the most common pot size for 4 x 4 and 5 x 5 grow tents, but you could fit more plants in if you used 2 or 3 gallon pots. A 1 gallon pot would be really small, so I wouldn’t recommend it. As they say, “the bigger the pot, the bigger the roots, the bigger the roots, the bigger the fruits!”

For clones, use small 1 gallon pots or plastic party cups, AKA the “solo cup

You could also do a 10 gallon pot, or even a 20 gallon pot. You just won’t be fitting as many plants in your tent. Pots come in different shapes and sizes. Some pots are round and short, some are round and tall, and there are even square pots. Felt pots with velcro are my personal favorite.


Plastic Pots For Clones
1 gallon plastic pots
“Solo Cups” party cups 


Plastic Pot Recommendations:
5 gallon plastic pots
7 gallon plastic pots
15 gallon plastic pots


Felt Pot / Fabric Pot Recommendations:
3 gallon felt pots
4 gallon felt pots
5 gallon felt pots
7 gallon felt pots
10 gallon felt pots 
20 gallon felt pots


Plastic Grow Bags (Cheapest Option):
5 gallon plastic grow bags
10 gallon plastic grow bags


If you are growing from seed and don’t know which to pots to choose, start with 5 gallon felt pots. You can always work your way up to larger pots in future grows.


Plant Movers/Risers For Felt Pots

With felt pots, I don’t recommend letting them sit directly on the ground. Instead put them on rolling plant risers, AKA, plant movers. Some plant movers have a completely flat surface — you don’t want that kind. The best plant movers have wire frames that allow air flow to reach the bottom of your pots. If the bottoms of your felt pots get too wet for too long, your plant’s roots could start to suffer. Roots can become suffocated and rot in soil that’s been too wet for too long. When this happens, the plant will get stunted and stop growing, and will display signs of distress and plant deficiencies.


Plant Riser Recommendations:

A 5 gallon felt pot fits on the 12″ plant caddy with wheels13″ plant caddy with wheels or 14″ plant caddy with wheels seen here. For a 10+ gallon felt pot, the 15″ plant caddy on wheels is recommended.

If you can’t afford the plant risers, you could use something around the house. Bricks or cinder blocks offer a simple DIY method to raise the felt pots off the ground. Nevertheless, rolling plant risers are worth every penny. Being able to easily roll the plants around in a grow tent is exceptionally helpful. Especially when you’re spraying pest control products.


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