Chapter 10

Get Your Hygrometer

You need a hygrometer in your grow tent. A hygrometer tells you the temperature and humidity readings inside your grow tent. A good hygrometer also tells you the daily averages too. These gadgets are battery powered. Some hygrometers have cords with prongs that you dangle into the canopy of your plants. Others you can set inside the mesh pouch on the inside of your grow tent. Don’t put a hygrometer on the LED light, as that will give a false reading and possibly harm the hygrometer. There aren’t very many other options of where to place one. You could place it on the of some soil, or the grow tent floor.

You will need to check your hygrometer throughout the day. Humidity changes may surprise you. Check it when you wake up, get home from work, and go to bed. It only takes a second. I recommend ordering two, if not three hygrometers since I’ve noticed these instruments are prone to going haywire. If you order more than one, order the same brand. This way you’ll know whether the temperature and humidity readings are truly accurate or not.


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