Want to improve your sexual intimacy with CBD products? Want to give the gift of CBD products for sex with your friends and lovers? You aren’t alone. Look no further, we’ve got the scoop on CBD Oil, CBD lube, CBD arousal oil and other cannabis-derived sex enhancers. This is more than about just CBD oil, but rather CBD for sex and CBD products for sex.

Maybe you’re the type of person who is too stressed out after work to engage in sexual intimacy. Or maybe you have pain management issues and your ability to have sex feels…diminished. Anxiety could be crippling your… libido. Depressive moods might completely hamper your…sex life. Perhaps masturbation has even lost its…incentive?

What can someone do? Rush to the doctor and pharmacy for pharmaceutical drugs made available by massive drug corporations? We hope not, because cannabis-derived products are readily available, legal to ship pursuant to the Farm Bill, as well as natural, cost effective and viable. But anxiety, performance-anxiety, pain, depression aside — many people simply love CBD products for sex because it just feels better, lasts longer, and post-sex sleep is just dreamy. Some people report its less painful to have sex using CBD lube. You certainly don’t need to have any problems with your sex life to integrate CBD into it. CBD products for sex are for everyone! (You just need to be over the age of 18.)


CBD Sex Products

Since Green Carpet Growing has researched, tested, and reviewed the high quality CBD products from Foria, we decided to encourage you to consider their line of CBD products for sex for yourself or for giving intimate gift baskets as gifts. You can get prearranged intimate gift-baskets or create your own and even include CBD vape pens to the mix. CBD products are going to be a popular category of gift giving this 2019/2020 now that legalization is halfway done sweeping the US. When you’re looking for the best intimate gift basket, you may want to consider going with the DIY method. Create your own DIY intimate gift basket instead of going with read-made ones. Why? Choices! No one knows your love life better than you do, so why not tailor an intimate gift basket with unique CBD lube, CBD Arousal Oil, or CBD Suppositories.




Can you use CBD oil as lube?
Yes, but not all CBD oil is going to be safe and viable. It is best to not experiment with just any CBD oil unless you inspect all the ingredients of the final product. Foria CBD products for sex are the best CBD products for sex in the marketplace.

Does CBD make you last longer?
Yes, for some, but not all. The majority of people using CBD to improve sexual intimacy are reporting more fulfilling, longer, sexual experiences. Some people do report a decreased libido or feelings of drowsiness, although this may come from having too much CBD in their system.

What if CBD does seem to work? 
CBD doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for so many, many, many people. If you’ve only used it 1x or 2x, be patient. It may take regular use for you to recognize and feel the impact, or you need to find the right dosage, or choose a different method of consumption. You can inhale CBD, take it under the tongue, apply as a topical or ingest it.

If you are ready to explore using CBD to improve your sex life, start with Foria, the highest quality brand of CBD lube and CBD sex products. Vice recently said of Foria’s “Awaken” CBD arousal oil, “It’s delicious. Awaken has a quick onset. Every usual sensation I get with regular orgasms seemed amplified.”

Another CBD brand to consider is Saving Grace CBD. Founder Jack Studebaker is one of the leading CBD experts in the US. While they don’t offer CBD lube, they do offer high quality full spectrum CBD oil to take orally or use as a slave.

As for your sex life, may the best days of your past, be the worst of your future! (Because your CBD sex life is going to be remarkably magnificent, we hope!)


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