Cannabis Training Programs

We invite you to learn to grow cannabis quickly and effectively with a Green Carpet Growing custom training program held in San Diego, CA. Each cannabis training program is developed strategically around your home-grow goals, needs, and cultivation preferences. We promise you’ll get the personal attention you deserve so you can learn cannabis cultivation as thoroughly as possible. Custom training means personal instruction, so we’ll help you learn to grow and plan your home grow, covering everything from home grow design, set-up, and shopping supplies and equipment.  If you want a training program that covers home grow cultivation from A – Z, our training programs are designed with you in mind.

Not only do we cover all the mechanics of growing cannabis at home, we also help you design and plan your home grow, and help you purchase home grow equipment and supplies as cost-effectively as possible. After attending our cannabis training program, you will be empowered to set-up your home grow in soil or hydroponics and know exactly what to do through the stages of growing.

Because our training is personal and customized, you’ll be growing at home successfully and efficiently.


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