I have struggled with a weird problem with skin on my eyelids for a decade. Dry, scaly patches on my eyelids that sometimes swell, get red, and sometimes they burn like they are sunburned. Prescription meds don’t seem to do much and often are irritating to my eyes and still the skin on my eyelids feels sand-papery. I used cannabis oil on my eyes 2x in 2 days and they feel silky soft! I can’t believe I never tried it before! 



I have endometriosis, pelvic floor syndrome and dysfunction. Cannabis not only eases my pain levels to where I can go about my day to day life as normal, and greatly helps with the inflammation. Using it for my health conditions has changed my life, I am no longer curled up in bed or leaving work early due to my pain! Cannabis has benefited me so much personally!

-Anonymous, San Diego, CA


I used CBD salve and was able to fully move my head and neck for the first time in over 2 years. Pain free. I have cervical spinal stenosis and migraines as a result and it alleviated this. So grateful!

-Michelle Graser,  San Diego, CA


My daughter, age 14, suffers from severe Chronic Intractable Migraine and Dystonia. These conditions severely impact her life causing not only pain, but cognitive issues, and painful muscle contractions that are so severe she has literally torn her own muscle and tendons from bone. Medical cannabis is the only medication that relieves her symptoms and suffering aside from heavy opiates (which leave her in an incapacitated state) that even the doctors agree is not in her best interests on an ongoing basis. While we tried literally dozens of medications and treatments nothing has helped her more than Medical Cannabis. Before we started Medical Cannabis we were “frequent fliers” (3-4 times a month) in the ER for status migraines and/or dystonia spasms so strong her body would contort in painful spasms for extended periods until incredibly powerful drugs like Morphine, Haladol, Ativan and others could relieve the spasms. At one point, she was on a complex regime of over twelve medications that often left her cognitively slow and “spacey” and really unable to function or have any real quality of life, she was only existing. By using Medical Cannabis we have reduced our ER use substantially to maybe 2 times a year, and her medication use drops from twelve medications to three. Medical Cannabis in no way impairs her, rather it gives her the ability to lead a normal life. Her absence rates and need to go home early due to pain and symptoms dropped substantially and in fact her grades improved because she can be in class more.




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