Home growers often ask us for recommendations for the best cannabis seeds and companies. So we have put together a list of recommended cannabis seeds and breeders for you to review and consider before buying cannabis seeds online. As a new grower, it can be difficult to shop for cannabis seeds. For quite some time, some of the best cannabis seeds and breeders have been notoriously hard to find.

Before you shop for cannabis seeds there’s a few things to know. For example, some cannabis farms and breeders sell only regular seeds, some only sell auto-flowers, and some sell a mix of all types of seeds, including feminized cannabis seeds. If you are a new grower, start by growing feminized seeds, then move on to try auto-flowers. Regular seeds are typically used by home growers (or commercial growers) who are hybridizing and breeding.


List of professional cannabis seed breeders and companies:

Humboldt Seed Company (Contact us)
Nerds Genetics
Diamante Genetics
TGA Genetics
Happy Dreams Farm
Alien Genetics
Dutch Passion
Pacific Seedbank
Maggie’s Autofarm
Swamp Boy’s Seeds
Mephisto Genetics
Hawaiian Seed Company



Brother’s Grimm Seeds


Cannabis Seed Tips 

If you haven’t heard of all of these cannabis seed breeders and companies, you have some more research to do before ordering cannabis seeds. Bookmark this page and research our seed recommendations to find and grow your new favorite cannabis varieties. When you buy cannabis seeds from the cannabis industry professional listed above, you help them continue to do best-in-class cannabis breeding. Thank you for supporting these respected cannabis seeds, farms and breeders. Find and follow them on Instagram! 

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