Live Cannabis Growing Webinars  

Welcome to Green Carpet Growing’s monthly Cannabis Growing Webinars in association with Dark Heart Nursery. Get ready to learn from dynamic cannabis cultivation teachers and meet home growers and their plants from around the world. Our cannabis growing webinars include LIVE plant diagnosis with select webinar participants, and special giveaways from Dark Heart Nursery. 



Teacher: Kat Betty
Date: February 29, 12:30pm PST / 3:30pm EST

I Temperature ranges and regulation
II. Light intensity, color and duration
III. CO2 measurement and enhancement.
IV. Micro and macro nutrients
V. Water quality and frequency
VI. Growth media quality and considerations



About The Webinar

In our LIVE cannabis growing webinar, Kat Betty shows you how to diagnose which inputs your plants need, so you can grow HAPPY, HEALTHY plants and unlock their maximum GROWTH potential. Plant health and plant growth are intimately connected, so if you’ve ever had THAT moment when you can see your plants aren’t exactly thriving, but you don’t quite understand the problem, this webinar is for you. Participants will explore and learn the in’s and out’s of how to maximize photosynthesis by optimizing its three limiting factors and the relationship between nutrients, water, medium, micro and macro nutrients, and other considerations. You will learn how to evaluate what is wrong with your plant, and gain the skills to narrow down and pinpoint the exact reasons your plant isn’t living up to its potential.

During the LIVE webinar, you will be able to ask questions, interact with the teacher and moderator, and experience live plant diagnosis! If you are looking for cannabis growing tips and cannabis cultivation education, register for our cannabis growing webinars today and benefit from California’s cannabis teachers and moderators Kat Betty and Marc Eden.


FREE Access  

For a limited time, get FREE access to our cannabis growing webinar just by sending us a picture of your cannabis plant in good or bad shape, that we can use for our educational programs. We want cannabis photos showing the good, bad and ugly! Additionally, some participants will be invited to join the webinar for a LIVE plant diagnosis as a special guest. Fill out this form to send us your cannabis plant photos and get free access to your next cannabis growing webinar! 


About Your Teacher

Green Carpet Growing is proud to have Kat Betty serving as Education Director. Kat combines her M.A. in Education with over 10 years of commercial cultivation experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is best known for her work with the All Star Jack Frost cultivar which was named “Best of the Bay” twice by The East Bay Express and featured in Culture Magazine, High Times, the SF Chronicle and Cannabis Now Magazine. Under Kat’s tutelage, you’ll quickly realize she is a dynamic advocate with a strong commitment to teaching, apprenticeship, and creating community community around cannabis education and activism, especially experiential learning.


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