Cannabis Maintenance Service Professionals

“Get your cultivation done right and achieve the cannabis gardens of your dreams.” -Marc Emmelmann



Hiring Green Carpet Growing to maintain your cannabis garden means that you can rest easy while we cultivate and maintain your home-grow crop from start to finish. At the end of your harvest, you’ll be able to consume your homegrown product anyway you’d like — smoking, cooking, or making tinctures, balms or salves.

We can either start from scratch and design and implement a new cannabis garden for you, or we can assist you with your current crop. Whether you desire an indoor garden with tents, a grow room, sophisticated vertical gardens, hydroponic systems, or outdoor gardens,  Green Carpet Growing is the only cannabis garden maintenance provider with best-in-class service professionals to make your cultivation dreams come true in Southern California from San Diego to LA.

How Do Cannabis Maintenance Services Work?

Depending on your cultivation preferences, Green Carpet Growing will tailor a cannabis maintenance schedule that works for your plants and your availability. Plans differ depending on whether or not you have an outdoor garden, indoor garden, or hydroponics system, and we always treat each garden as if it were our own. After your plan is established, clients receive progress updates throughout cultivation phases after each maintenance session to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to ensure clients have a return on their initial investment. From set-up to trimming at harvest time, and everything in between — we offer routine cannabis maintenance that helps to keep your cannabis garden fresh, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing.


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