Cannabis Cultivation Crash Course (1 hr.)

Instructor: Grace Olivia Hicks, Head Grower
Workshop Site: 2150 4th Ave, San Diego CA 92103
Registration: $10 Per Person

In our 1 hr. Cannabis Cultivation Crash Course, you’ll learn about the different fundamental ways to grow cannabis at home, including indoor and outdoor growing methods. From discovering best practices and essential supplies needed to cultivate cannabis, to getting proper expectations established, this crash course will give you the information you need to cement your base understanding of growing marijuana at home. The class covers growing cannabis indoors using soil, growing outdoors with and without covering, and lastly growing using hydroponic styles.

Other elements covered in the Cannabis Cultivation Crash Course include important plant maintenance related concepts such as transplanting, lolli popping + super cropping, in addition to tips on feeding + watering, determining yield, analysis of crop + addressing certain cannabis related grow challenges. Also included: information regarding: IPM (Integrated Pest Management), clones, seeds, light dep and more!

This cannabis cultivation workshop is great for beginners, amateur or struggling gardeners, as well as aspiring cultivators. It comes with a 10 page take-away so that you can reference what you learned. Be sure to come with your questions, take lots of notes, and enjoy getting involved in the cannabis cultivation revolution!