Learn to grow cannabis at home with Marc Emmelmann’s debut DIY cannabis book for beginners!

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Learn to grow cannabis indoors using grow tents, soil, LED lights.


Learn to grow cannabis indoors all year round!


A Note From The Author 


My name is Marc Emmelmann and I’m the Founder of Green Carpet Growing and I’m here to make cannabis cultivation at home as common as apple pie. I was born and raised in Vernon, Connecticut, lived in Rochester, NY and NYC in my early 20’s, and eventually found my American garden to blossom in. None other than San Diego, California, my home since 2008. San Diego is where I learned to grow high quality, best-in-class cannabis.

Once you experience the superior quality of organically grown cannabis — I’m talking taste, smoothness, and potency — you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get started. It does make sense though why you didn’t get started earlier. Unfortunately, mainstream society does not know how to grow cannabis. The vast majority of people don’t know the first thing about cannabis plants/flowers or the art of cannabis cultivation. Yes, growing cannabis is an art, and the art of cannabis cultivation is the kind of hobby that can nurture your spiritual, medicinal or recreational needs. This hobby can last a lifetime because there’s limitless possibilities and experiments.

But getting started with cannabis growing can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve been online reading articles, forums, and watching videos, trying to assimilate everything into your own home grow system. Watching too many videos and reading too many articles can be a very slippery slope. Especially if some of the articles and videos are representative of “the blind leading the blind.” Trust me, I know! 

First things first – growing cannabis doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful, or take years and years of agonizing practice. Maybe you’ve heard about how hard, complex and time-consuming it can be, so let me stop you right there. They are wrong! Hear me in my best NYC accent, “Forget about it!” 

This is why I started Green Carpet Growing!

And after falling in love with teaching beginners how to grow cannabis thorough personal instruction, I decided to start Green Carpet Growing Media Production Company. The launch would be a debut book to teach beginners how to grow cannabis indoors – all year round – using soil, tents, fans, organic fertilizer and LED lighting.

Growing cannabis at home is not complicated… I promise! College students can do it and still manage their schooling and part time jobs, and so can Grandma and Grandpa, as well as parents of young children. I’ve seen many young children by their parents side gardening and in my experience, children don’t have much patience or interest for it. Perhaps your children will be different, let’s not rule that out.

I just hope you don’t hide cannabis cultivation from them. That kind of message implies to them growing cannabis is something to feel shame for. Do the opposite and show them how fun and enjoyable gardening is! 

I believe everyone can learn to grow cannabis simply and sensibly. Not a big deal, you just need good guidance, and that I have for you. My book will get you on the fast track to best practices and successful harvests you’ll be proud of. You’ll be ecstatic as you fill up mason jars in your kitchen cupboards with the most fragrant, smooth and tasty cannabis you’ve ever had. 

But of course, first you need to grow it. 

If you can’t have someone in your home to teach you, the next best things would be to follow best practices, from say, a book on growing cannabis for beginners! And guess what — my manual on growing cannabis at home is perfect for beginners who want simple, sensible guidance from the start. If you want simple instructions with week by week photography, my book is for you. Read the book, take notes in it, and read it along as you grow at home.

Readers will benefit from the book’s stunning photography, exacting instructions, and underlying philosophy that gardening should be relaxing, fun, entertaining and enjoyable. It is written so everyday people can begin their gardening journey, especially if they don’t have a green thumb, with confidence and actually enjoy every moment of it. My hope is that once you read my cannabis growing manual, you’ll be growing forever. 

Surprise! After you read my book, Green Carpet Growing’s home grow teachers and consultants Grace, Rick and Kat are all on stand-by to meet you through video chat! We know nothing replaces personal instruction, so even though you’re reading your first book on growing cannabis, Green Carpet Growing will be there to assist you with any aspect of your home grow. You can schedule an appointment online for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. No matter what your cannabis cultivation set-up is or will be, Green Carpet Growing provides unparalleled virtual remote technical support for home-growers. You can count on friendly, fun, and professional Green Carpet Growing experts through video chat anytime of the year.  

Why video chat? Why not! Video chat services are gaining popularity in many industries including doctor/patient and lawyer/client, and so I thought, “why not cannabis education!?”

One bonus of reading my book and working with Green Carpet Growing teachers and consultants, is you’ll also be better able to understand and comprehend other more complex cannabis cultivation books in the marketplace like those written by Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes, some of world’s undisputed cannabis cultivation godfathers. As a result of reading my book and working with Green Carpet Growing teachers and consultants, you’ll eventually be ready to practice more advanced methods. The Green Carpet Growing Media Production Company will have future books on cannabis cultivation and cannabis cultivation curriculum’s to guide you!