Canna-Oil Infusion Class

Instructor: Grace Olivia Hicks
Registration: $100 Per Person


Get ready to infuse, render, portion and store cannabis infused coconut oil with Grace Olivia Hicks. Each participant will be hands-on making their own canna-oil to take home, and learn about ingestion, effects, portioning, dosing and how to determine potency of homemade cannabis products. You will be responsible for bringing 7 grams (“a quarter”) of cannabis and 10-14 oz. of coconut oil. All other supplies will be provided.

During class, you’ll also receive an overview CBD, THC, genetics, & other essential base knowledge relating to cooking at home with cannabis to ensure safe and enjoyable consumption. At the end of the day, you’ll be leaving with your canna-oil in provided syringes or molds. You’ll also receive the Green Carpet Growing Guide to Infusing Cannabis into Oil!

Cannabis Strains: Each client will be responsible for providing the cannabis they intend to infuse. We recommend 7 grams (“quarter”) per participant. Please bring strains that you enjoy consuming as this helps ensure your product turns out preferred!

Coconut Oil: Each participant is required to bring their preference of (10-14 oz.) coconut oil — examples include: virgin coconut oil, expeller pressed coconut oil, etc. Why Coconut Oil? We teach with coconut oil due to its versatility, as well as it’s high saturated fat content (60-90%), which allows for a high infusion rate.

(Optional) Herbs: If you want to personalize and spice up your canna-oil to produce an aromatic & upscale product, you may bring herbs such as lavender, rosemary, hibiscus, and sage (up to 3 grams). Please bring only 1 herb variety. Besides producing an aromatic effect, your herb of choice will create a unique flavor profile for your cannaoil.



“As someone who is not extremely familiar with cannabis, Grace patiently and thoroughly educated me on everything I need to know and more. I learned ‘soup-to-nuts’ cannabis infusion techniques and came away from the classes feeling confident about creating properly dosed cannabis edibles and able to have an informed conversation about the benefits of cannabis-infused products.”

“Grace is professional, resourceful and incredibly knowledgable about cooking with cannabis. She’s also a very kind and empathetic individual, which made connecting with and learning from her even easier. We will be looking to Green Carpet Growing in the future for more cannabis education.”