A cannabis themed children’s book to help you talk to children about cannabis.

Do you talk to your young children about cannabis? If you do, fantastic! If not, Author Susan Soares has just the storybook for you. Her book “What’s Growing in My Garden?” is a cannabis-friendly children’s book. It captures the essence of how cannabis is similar to vegetables and fruits, after all, they all grow in Grandma’s garden. Add it your home library and it will help you talk to your kids about cannabis from an early age. In addition, you may gift it to your friends and family with children. 

Author Susan Soares was inspired to write “What’s Growing in My Garden?” to make sure grown-ups have a tool to talk to children in their lives about cannabis. For instance, it can be tough talking about cannabis with young children. But this cannabis-themed book for children makes the conversation sensible, natural and easy.

Many people working in the cannabis industry or who grow cannabis at home, may not be sure how to approach talking about cannabis with children. This book is the perfect starting point. 

What’s Growing in My Garden?” (Hardcover ISBN:9781543974461) was released in August 2019. 


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