Senior Citizens and Cannabis in San Diego

With our assistance, seniors wanting medical marijuana in San Diego can learn how to grow their own contaminant and pesticide-free medicine from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Many seniors may have a green thumb, but do not understand how to correctly cultivate high quality cannabis properly for medicinal use. Because cannabis is a finicky plant, there is a learning curve involved. Green Carpet Growing helps lessen the learning curve for seniors by providing complete indoor gardening kits, weekly compassionate training, and seniors can also take group or private cannabis workshops. 

Photo Credit: American Combat Veterans of War 

Seniors Citizens enjoy gardening cannabis indoors in San Diego

Seniors in San Diego who use medical marijuana or would like to use medical cannabis may save a tremendous amount of money by learning to grow their own high-grade medicinal cannabis. They also appreciate the “gardening therapy” that comes with cultivating cannabis. Choosing the appropriate strain to cultivate is also part of the cultivation process, and Green Carpet Growing helps guide seniors to find their ideal cannabis strains to meet their unique needs.

Green Carpet Growing also offers additional training to ensure seniors are able to properly infuse their homegrown cannabis into butter or oil for edibles or to make balms and salves for topical pain relief.


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