If you’re searching online for a durable weed grinder, then you should know that they are extremely hard to find. So, I’ve put together this list of quality weed grinders to make it easier. Personally, I’ve bought so many poorly made ones over the years that it makes my head spin thinking about it. I’d like to spare you the agony of dealing with grinders that break, get stuck, or do a crud job. It is recommended that you assess each weed grinder below to find the best one for you. As you review them, you’ll find many “grind” terms are used by these companies, such as “crush,” “shred,” and “mill.” 


Here’s the list of the best weed grinders for savvy weed smokers.

Mendo Mulcher

Space Case Grinders

Ryot Grinders 

Wakit Grinders

Raw Grinders

Grinders For Life

Aerospaced Grinders

Phoenician Grinders

GOAT Grinders 


Don’t settle for a cheap weed grinder that breaks after a month of daily use. Cheap weed grinders can be found at smoke shops, dispensaries, and espeically Amazon. Buyer beware! Also, never buy a plastic weed grinder. Plastic grinders…they are the worst. Need I say more? 

Have you found a better weed grinder that isn’t listed? Contact us and we’ll check it out.