Who has the best pre rolls in California in 2022? 

Pre rolls are an extremely popular weed category, so there are many brands competing for market share. Pre rolls are notorious for being made from shake, not the most premium buds. Some pre rolls are made from smalls. Smalls are smaller buds and nugs. Some pre rolls get rolled in hash and kief. 

Many smokers value pre rolls because they are on a tight budget and in a hurry. Think about it. When you swing through drive through restaurants, you get what you need quickly and ready to go. That’s what pre rolls are. 

After researching and testing many pre rolls, here’s our list of the best pre rolls in no particular order. 

  1. Cannatique
  2. upNorth
  3. 3brosgrow
  4. cbx
  5. LitHouse
  6. Claybourne Co.
  7. Stiizy 
  8. Dime Bag 
  9. Martyjuana
  10. Jeeter 

It is not advisable to stock up on pre rolls. Instead, buy only what you plan to consume over a few days, or a week. Otherwise, the pre rolls could dry out considerably on you if you’re in a hot and or dry environment.  

Unfortunately, there are many pre rolls in the weed market that aren’t up to snuff. To make that worse, they can even be expensive. Don’t fall prey to poor quality pre rolls. Instead, use our list of vetted pre roll brands. You’ll save time and money and get what you’re looking for the first time around, not the second, third or fourth. 

If you’re an avid pre roll purchaser, consider growing your own cannabis at home with feminized seeds