Humboldt Seed Company has been a cannabis industry leader in California for many years under the leadership of famed Cannabis Breeder, Nat Pennington. Nat’s company prides itself on bringing traditional, iconic cannabis varieties to market, as well as brand new types to usher in.

As a result, some of the best new Humboldt Seed Company strains on their 2020/2021 menu include Raspberry Parfait, Lemongrass, Vanilla Frosting, Hi-Biscus, Banana Mango, The Bling, Caramel Cream and Freakshow to name a few. Additionally, legendary strains like All Gas OG, California Sour Diesel, Trainwreck, OG Kush, Bigfoot Glue, and Jack Herer are also available.

Get ready to meet Humboldt Seed Company, one of the fastest growing cannabis breeders in California and the entire world. Keep reading for our seed and strain recommendations for popular Humboldt Seed Company seeds this 2020/2021.


Popular Humboldt Seed Company Seeds 2020/2021


Raspberry Parfait

While I wouldn’t say I smelled raspberries or parfait, it smells ultra, exceedingly sweet. The variety’s dominant terpene called “terpinolene” is the reason for that super sweet smell. With a whopping 12 mg. of terpinolene, it may have more terpinolene than you’re used to. I’d have to say the intensely sweet smell of the Raspberry Parfait strain reminds me of old-fashion fruity hard candies. Raspberry Parfait has extremely fragrant and sweet smelling flowers. I couldn’t help but smell them a few times a day during the late flower-phase.After smoking my homegrown Raspberry Parfait, there was some “come-down” and I did feel an urge for a cat nap. However, I’m not sure yet if it a result of the Raspberry Parfait strain, or if I may have over-ripened my crop. Nevertheless f you love fruity sweet strains, or haven’t grown a fruity strain in a while, growing Raspberry Parfait is highly recommended. Raspberry Parfait’s lineage is Shiskaberry and Trufula Tree.

– 60 Days To Ripen
– 80% Sativa | 20% Indica
– Feminized Seeds Available
– Dominant Terpenes: Terpineolene (12.42 mg/g), Myrcene (6.34 mg/g.),  B-Caryophyllene (2.55 mg/g)
– 20% + THC Capabilities


All Gas OG

All Gas OG (formerly “Asphalt Plant”) is very heavy strain and Indica Dominant. All Gas OG has a cocktail of Myrcene, Pinene, and Limonene terpenes which culminates in that fragrance that we all know as “fuel” or “gas.” I’ve grown it, and will continue to grow it for my evening cannabis needs. If you like skunky, gassy cannabis, All Gas OG is an epic fuel strain from Humboldt Seed Company that delivers on all levels. All Gas OG’s lineage is Humboldt OG and Humboldt Venom OG.

– 55 Days To Ripen- Indica Dominant
– Regular & Feminized Seeds Available
– Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene (15 mg/g), A-Pinene (4.3 mg/g.),  B-Pinene (2.5 mg/g)
– 20% + THC Capabilities


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