The best Air Purifier for powdery mildew in your home grow is the Airo Home Hobby Grow air purifier from AiroClean420.

It is a good exercise to think about how their technology works.

Airo Home Hobby Grow works by using a fan and a proprietary bio-conversion reactor bed that has a patented catalyst to purify the air. This technology is called “PCO.” As air gets pulled through and reaches the bio-conversion reactor bed, the killing of spores takes place. Powdery mildew destruction occurs on essentially a subatomic level — 10,000x times smaller than the width of a human hair.

When you consider “getting to the root of the issue” of powdery mildew and how it contaminates your garden, air purification makes perfect sense. But because air purification has not been readily available or common practice among home growers, it may take time to wrap your head the situation. Consider thinking about how powdery mildew enters your home grow. It enters your grow room or grow tent through the air – as powdery mildew – which is an airborne contaminant: a spore. Spores fall on your plant and viola! Powdery mildew begins to form. What if those spores could be killed in the air? They can!

In the past, growers have tried using other air purification concepts, but they are not so effective or safe. They include Ozone and UV air purifiers. UV Light systems ultimately have low exposure and “dwell time of air” that passes through the UV light, so the kill rate of the air passing through it is very low and causes the overall effect to not be very effective.

Ozone systems are unsafe. Ozone, according to the American Lung Association and American Heart Association, is harmful to plants and humans! Be forewarned, when you see terms on air purifier products like “Activated Oxygen, O3, Hydrogen Peroxide Ions, or Activated Ions,” manufacturers are actually attempting to disguise the word “Ozone.” Additionally, if an air purifier is claiming their unit cleans the air and surfaces, then it has to be Ozone or another chemical or gas that their unit is emitting into your environment.

“PCO” is different and that is what AiroClean420 utilizes. PCO Is Photocatalytic Oxidation. As mentioned above, all of the “killing” takes place within the units bio-conversion reactor bed. There are no emissions and the technology is completely safe and will not harm your plants or people. PCO is used in indoor agriculture including cannabis cultivation, in hospitals, and by NASA. In fact, PCO technology was originated by NASA. In commercial cannabis cultivation, AiroClean420 has had tremendous success. Now that home growers can take advantage of this technology, you can improve your odds at having a powdery mildew-free cannabis garden like the professionals do. 

If you have problems with powdery mildew in your grow room or grow tent, the Airo Home Hobby Grow is the best air purifier to invest in.

At $895, it is a significant, but worthwhile investment to help you maintain a powdery mildew-free home grow. The point is, if you consider your use of a unit over the next several years, the cost is negligible. And how amazing it is to not be worrying about powdery mildew or frantically working to eliminate it. You still do foliar sprays in your garden, but with Airo Home Hobby Grow working in tandem, get ready to see your powdery mildew challenges go from “problems” to “no problem.”

AiroClean420’s technology is not to be considered a silver bullet. But it’s the best thing you can use in your indoor home grow along with foliar sprays and humidity control to prevent and kill powdery mildew before it becomes a problem for you. Listen to our podcast interview with AiroClean420, visit or call (844) 247-3913 to learn more.