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E6 / AiroClean420 CEO John Hayman


In this interview with John Hayman, CEO of AiroClean420 (KES Science), you’ll learn about how AiroClean420 prevents powdery mildew, fungi, molds, bacteria, and more.

After years of commercial success, AiroClean420 has issued an indoor grow air purification product for home-growers. The AiroClean420 Home Grow Unit makes the power of NASA-derived air purification technology accessible to home-growers. What a relief to hobby growers!

If you’ve been growing cannabis at home for some time, you’ve likely felt the frustrating impact that powdery mildew, rust, blight, and leaf septoria has on cannabis cultivation. Thankfully, new reinforcements have come to the rescue. Not just any reinforcements — NASA initiated technology.

We slightly modified our NASA Developed, and Industry Proven, Air Sanitation technology to create AiroClean420. This new AiroClean420 model is now even more energy efficient while utilizing the same patented Bio-Conversion reactor that has been used since 2002 by customers around the world.” -John Hayman, CEO

AiroClean420, made in the USA, has already been successful in commercial agriculture and cannabis. There are thousands of units in operation across North America and their technology is truly state of the art. And before being utilized in commercial cannabis, the makers of AiroClean420 at KES Science were a mainstay in commercial indoor agriculture. The technology they use for air scrubbing, air purification and air sanitation have been proven in both the growing and harvesting phases of cultivation.

To date, home-growers have had two primary options as preventatives to work with. Foliar sprays and air scrubbing are those options. There are many foliar spray combinations to use which only work on the surface of your plant. To purify the air in your home grow, you can use a HEPA filter on your air intake fan. HEPA filters will help clean the air being brought into your grow, but they don’t employ the proprietary self-cleaning technology that AiroClean420 does. AiroClean420 works by cleaning the air in a photocatalytic chamber with a TiO2 catalyst. As contaminated air passes, millions of hydroxyl radicals mineralize mold and fungi. Instead of being released as a harmful gas, they are transformed into carbon dioxide and water vapor. Also, no ozone, peroxides or oxygen derivatives are produced. 

The difference between HEPA filtration versus AiroClean420’s technology is that HEPA only captures spores down to a certain size, whereas AiroClean420 kills all organic spores regardless of how small. Even high grade HEPA filters like they use in a hospital settings have limitations to what they capture.

Preventing powdery mildew and other fungal diseases is a big part of growing cannabis at home. Will you be implementing the AiroClean420 Home Grow Unit in your home grow? Tell us about it.


AiroClean420 Reviews:

We have been using the Airoclean420 for the past 6 months with great success. Since implementing this system we have seen a reduction in powdery mildew. This in turn saves us money and peace of mind by not having to spray for these problems. With the world of growing always changing this device gives you the power to have the control in your hands. With less sprays comes less money on fungicides and less man hours wasted spraying leaving your employees free to handle other task without the worry of residual fungicides in your product.
-Brian Matthews, Firehouse Organics

We were quite skeptical about the Airoclean420 at first. We had continually fought powdery mildew, it was always a struggle. Since installing units in veg and flowering, we saw a marked improvement immediately and subsequently, the PM issue has GONE AWAY. Thanks to the Airoclean420 our plants are producing better quantity and quality which is good for us and our patients”.
-Darcey Hansen, Mile High Remedies

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