Tune in to 10 Cannabis Podcast Episodes this January 2021 with Marc Eden, cannabis podcaster based in San Diego, California.



8 podcast episodes for January 2021 are lined up on Marc Eden’s cannabis podcast.

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January 2021 Cannabis + Home Grow Show Podcast with Marc Eden:


S2: E1
From Cheese to Cannabis – PCO Air Sanitization Technology | Interview w/ Dave Heffner, AiroClean420

Marc Eden interviews AiroClean420’s Dave Heffner about his experience with photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology which is proven to eliminate airborne powdery mildew — in cannabis grows, as well as in cheese making. For the past several years, Dave Heffner has helped roll out AiroClean420 PCO applications to prevent powdery mildew at indoor commercial cannabis farms across Canada and the United States.


S2: E2
The Simplest Home Grow Kit Ever and “The Organically Grown Standard” | Interview with Adam Duke

Marc Eden interviews Michigan’s Adam Duke who represents EZMJ Grow Kits and the Cannabis Certification Council. Get ready to learn from consummate cannabis professional Adam Duke, Co-founder of EZMJ, Account Manager with LeafLogix, and Board Member on the Cannabis Certification Council.


S2: E3
A New Home Grower’s Take On Growing Cannabis For The First Time During Covid19 Pandemic 2020

Marc Eden interviews just an average Joe, named Joe, to get their take on growing cannabis indoors for the first time during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Yes, more people are growing cannabis at home than ever before. Yes, more people started growing cannabis during the infamous lock-downs of 2020. Take it from Joe, it’s well worth it!


S2: E4
State of 2021 Cannabis in California | Interview with Industry Pioneer Lauren Vázquez, Esq.

Marc Eden interviews California’s Lauren Vázquez, “The Fired Up Lawyer,” who has served as a Senior Advisor and Statewide Organizer for California’s Prop 64 campaign and has been practicing cannabis business law since 2009. Come take a dive into 2021 cannabis in California with a veteran California cannabis attorney. From Prop 215 to SB420, and Prop 64 — Lauren Vázquez sets the record straight on what’s what and how people can get involved. For instance, can a small scale home grower still create a Collective in California to legally grow for others? What about medical recommendations from doctors? Can I be a caregiver in California and grow for friends? Are growers licenses from doctors legitimate in California? What official cannabis licensing opportunities are available in California? Is California banning smokable hemp? Who is the California Bureau of Cannabis Control? Can a landlord prohibit a renter from growing cannabis indoors?


S2: E5
Launching An Organic Dry Powder Fertilizer Product in the USA | Interview with Tony Sarah, Inventor

Marc Eden interviews Tony Sarah, Owner and Operator of Earth’s Original Organics to unearth his magic and reveal the wisdom that has gone into his life’s work, Tony’s Magic Mix and Tony’s Magic Flower, a recently patented organic based fertilizer with mycorrhizae. Born and raised in Arizona, Tony’s experience in gardening and horticulture goes back over 40 years.


S2: E 6
Q & A with a Cannabis Scientist, Geneticist and Educator | Interview with Dr. Anna Schwabe

Marc Eden interviews Colorado’s Dr. Anna Schwabe, cannabis scientist, geneticist, and educator. Get ready to meet Dr. Anna Schwabe and learn about her background, cannabis research, and tap into some cannabis science and controversy. In this episode, some of the questions covered include: Is the word “strain” the correct term to use – or should we use the term “cultivar?” Does cannabis use cause erectile dysfunction? Do cannabis bath bombs work? Does using ice cubes or ice water increase potency or trichome production? Why is eating cannabis different from smoking? And more.


S2: E7
An IPM Cannabis Scientist Takes On Cannabis Bro-Science | Interview w/ Matthew Gates, IPM Consultant

Marc Eden interviews California’s Matthew Gates, an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Specialist who runs his own IPM consultancy and serves on the board of the Cannabis Horticultural Association. If anyone knows about plant pests and diseases, it’s Matthew Gates. Tune in and find out if any bro-science can withstand Matthew Gate’s objective scientific analysis. And subscribe to his Zenthanol Youtube channel


S2 E8: Mr. Soul Interview: Brothers Grimm Seeds Founder On Craft Cannabis Seeds + Breeding Seeds

Marc Eden interviews Rick Campanella, AKA “Mr. Soul” — the founder and original breeder of Brothers Grimm Seeds and creator of Cinderella 99. Find out how living legend Mr. Soul got involved in the cannabis seed business in the late 1990’s and about his life before breeding. He also discusses his critique of auto-flowers for commercial purposes, as well as breeding techniques + tips, farms using seeds instead of clones, and breeding cannabis seeds at home. Tune in and don’t miss Mr. Soul’s timely cannabis wisdom for young and old aficionados, connoisseurs and breeders everywhere.


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